Established in 2014

in the heart of the Beirut city to provide an extensive range of clinical and analytic tests for our patients.


Diagnostics provide crucial information for proper diagnosis and clinical decisions. Thus, our mission at CEMA is to provide physicians with proper diagnostic results, all the time, every time


We recognize the importance of highly qualified staff, inspired leadership together with advanced information technology and automation to achieve service excellence. Our purpose-built, state of the art laboratory was designed for optimized efficiency 


We have 100% redundant capacity built into our Information Technology system to protect against system or equipment failures, and to equally protect our patients personal and health information  


Our dedication, research and investment are directed towards maintaining highest international standards in medical testing​


In addition to ethics and integrity, we are committed to keeping pace with the advancement of technology research in medical testing to better serve the society, the physicians, our employees, and our patients.

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